Personal Consulting

Wonderful events are happening in Photography.  Perhaps too many for most of us to fully understand. 
When I first became interested in Photography I shared a box camera  with my mother and the
film was processed at the corner drug store.  I quickly moved to an Argus C3, a series of Minolta's then
to Nikon's, 4x5 View Camera's and finally the wonderful  Hassleblad.
Today Photography is moving very quickly into a digital world that appears on the most simplistic level to make the
creative process easier.  But all of Photography is unfortunately far from simple.  It's a complex medium that leads
us to the creative process.  And it can be very frustrating.

Perhaps I can help finding the answers, save a lot of time and perhaps even money.

I have several Photographic and Business consulting programs.  Everything is designed around individual needs.

            The Basic Program costs $195.00 per year and allows the subscriber to "talk to me" on an unlimited basis
            via email about any photographic, computing or digital problem.  Hopefully we will be able to work out the
            answers and solve the problem together.  If I can't immediately help you, I'll make every effort to find the
            answers quickly.  Consider me your Personal Consultant         
            One Year Subscription $ 195.00

            The Instructional and Print Review.  I will work with you and personally design a course of study complete
            with print review and final recommendations.  We will try to limit each session to about 8 weeks to make
            sure  there is progress.  Each session will include as many Critiques as necessary.
            Cost is $ 195.00 per session.

            One-on-One Workshops and Tours

            Need individual help with:
                Camera Selection
                Understanding Exposure
                Digital or Computer problems
                Digital Workflow including File Storage

            My travel experience has been extensive both locally in the Southwest, Mexico and around the world. 
            Interested in Joshua Tree NP, Anza-Borrego, Death Valley NP , Arizona, Utah or some other place? 
            Why allow yourself to be shuttled around with one of those frustrating tours when I can help you on a personal basis.
            Why not let me be your Personal Guide
            In addition to going just exactly where you want to go and getting  just the photographs that you want,
            I will probably save you a lot of money.
            Email me your interests .