Artist Statement

Christopher Michael Photography was created by Michael Ames Pearlman July 1979. 
The business plan was designed as a full service retail Photography business. 
From the beginning the unique concepts were a success and the business became an
internationally recognized leader in portraiture and commercial photography. 
For over twenty years we produced fine personal art for our clients.

Longing to get out of the confines of a studio,  Michael sold the retail studio property in
August 2002 to allow for more extensive travel and the development of a long list of
creative projects.

Michael has  always been interested in photography.  Family photographs show him
with a Kodak Box camera at the age of four years and working in a kitchen "darkroom" at thirteen.  
In Junior High School the interest grew and started to develop more seriously.  A talented and
demanding high school Science and Photography teacher recognized Michael's interests
and guided him into more professional creative use of Photography.

There was no photography program at college and Michael settled into more academic pursuits.
He discovered a second intense interest in Geography.  Graduating with a Masters Degree in
Geography teaching became a challenge which also allowed  extra time for summer travel.
A Fulbright Scholarship sent Michael on a sabbatical to Mexico where his interest in Photography
was furthered developed.

Michael draws inspiration from the work of Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Minor White and Ansel Adams.

Along with Photography,  Travel,  Flying, Stamp collecting,  National Geographic Magazine
collecting,  fine cars,  Fine Wood working , a variety of electronic projects and
community service have always been of interest to Michael.

Michael's slide and negative file is extensive with more than twenty thousand images.  But  today
Michael works almost exclusively with Digital Imaging.  His original images are created with
high end Nikon cameras and lenses.  Prints are  made using both traditional professional
photographic print materials and the Giclee process.  Giclee is a French word meaning
"spraying of ink"   The Giclee print offers exceptional high resolution, wonderful color fidelity
and outstanding archival properties .

Michael's vision continues.  Land and people.  The adventure of exploring and discovering
new places while meeting  wonderful people are the driving force behind Michael's creative
  Michael' s always looking  for that sense of beauty and place in his images